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Real bugs

A short historical insight of bugs in computers.

Table view in iOS with item labels wrapped in two lines

Learn how to adjust your standard iOS UITableView to show two carefully wrapped lines of text for each table item.

Simple jQuery drop-down menu compatible with smartphones

Learn how to create a simple drop-down menu in jQuery that also works with touch screen devices.

Resize images and keep proportions

Small script that demonstrates how to calculate resized image dimensions keeping proportions from the original.


Comparison of useful features between XML and JSON. XML wins in features, JSON in simplicity.

How to find the visible width and height in an iOS app

A useful script that calculates the visible width and height of a view in an iOS app.

How to properly escape JavaScript (JSON) strings in PHP scripts

Learn how to write JavaScript (JSON) strings that are properly escaped with your PHP script.

Introduction to Bitcoin

Learn the basics on how Bitcoin works and how you can use it.

OOP inheritance in JavaScript

Example on OOP inheritance in JavaScript

GMT vs. UTC, a daylight saving story

What is the difference between GMT and UTC? How is that important to web developers?

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