Next step

I started Creative Pulse in 2004 as a software house. We have had some incredible years releasing software we enjoyed and making actual innovation in our industry. I personally regret I haven't blogged more about our achievements.

As all companies in Greece, Creative Pulse endured multiple and enormous waves of financial and social beating. Our so called European friends showed what European Union solidarity really means. Despite the hard times most of us came out wiser from this adventure. The summary for the rest of you is, if you would like to experience the warmth of European solidarity open a bank in Germany.

Companies die but peoples' spirit doesn't die as easily. Over the time we somehow managed to get people to read this blog and some of them became good friends. I want to inform those friends that this company is currently dormant and maybe closing soon. I find it impressive I was able to keep it going for that long, given the hardships.

The website will remain open with some changes. Today I have uploaded a brand new version that complies with all modern requirements (mobile-first, responsive etc). I removed some posts from this blog that don't make much sense after all those years. The rest of them are here, although some content may be out of date. Several open source middleware is still available in this new address.

Like I said before, creative spirits die hard. You are all welcome to follow my personal Linked In, Twitter and Facebook pages to learn more about the next steps of me and my good colleages as they evolve.

Your friend behind the scenes,
Alex Stylianos