Icon sizes for Android apps

Finding the correct icon sizes for Android apps can be a weird puzzle. Android's guidelines on iconography mention a lot of useful information but they don't break down the actual sizes your graphics designer requires.

Here are the sizes in pixels, calculated using Android's guidelines on iconography.

Launch Icons 36x36 48x48 72x72 96x96 144x144 192x192
Action Bar (optical square) 18x18 24x24 36x36 48x48 72x72 96x96
Action Bar (full size) 24x24 32x32 48x48 64x64 96x96 128x128
Small / Contextual Icons (optical square) 9x9 12x12 18x18 24x24 36x36 48x48
Small / Contextual Icons (full size) 12x12 16x16 24x24 32x32 48x48 64x64
Notification Icons (optical square) 16x16 22x22 33x33 44x44 66x66 88x88
Notification Icons (full size) 18x18 24x24 36x36 48x48 72x72 96x96

And finally, the size for the launcher icons for Google Play must be 512x512 pixels.

The Android ecosystem is open to many device manufacturers who build devices on a vast variety of sizes and screen resolutions. That is why Android's way of calculating sizes for icons is based on relative rather than actual sizes.

As explained in the Iconography Guidelines, MDPI is the base for all calculations. LDPI is calculated as a 3/4 of MDPI, HDPI is 1.5 times larger than MDPI, XHDPI is 2 times MDPI, XXHDPI is 3 times MDPI and XXXHDPI is 4 times MDPI.

On some of the above dimensions you may notice a version for "optical square" and "full size". Icons must have the full size dimension but you should use the size for optical square and use the rest only when necessary.